About Us

Absolute Webworks has been involved in web design since 2002. Our primary focus is in being found on the internet. From the beginning our sites had minimal images because at that time the majority used land line modems. With the ever increasing use of broadband, images are less of a concern. All of our sites were static non flash (animation). A minimal use of flash is a nice touch but it is not necessary. The advantages to a static site are one, less distracting and two, less use of scripts.

Why is this important? This is important because most website owners want a search engine friendly site. Think of a search engine as a blind man. If you are trying to communicate to a blind man wouldn’t it be best to communicate to him in brail? He would appreciate relaying the information to him in his own language, not a bunch of languages. That is what additional scripts do. It introduces additional languages that the blind man may not be able to read. Your goal should be to let the blind man get to the meat of your content. That is what Absolute Webworks web designs do. We do this with a clean and simple design that emphasizes quick loading source code. We do this to minimize visitor frustration and to make your website search engine friendly.

At Absolute Webworks we only use the latest HTML5 code. Most modern web designers have gone to this standard. We are alarmed at how many old school web designers are still using out dated code that relies on tables. To see if your website or a web designer’s website uses tables, right click the page. In Internet Explorer and Apple Safari scroll down to “View Source” and left click it. In Firefox scroll down to “View Page Source” and left click it. This will pull up the web sites source code. Look for these tags <table>, <tr>, <td>, </table>, </tr> and </td>. If you see those tags plastered all over the page then the site is constructed in 20 year old code. Seriously consider a major website update.

Case in point, a few years ago we reworked an established 40 page tabled website that averaged 25 unique visitors a day. After a complete HTML5 update, traffic more than quadrupled in just two weeks. We did this to another established wine website and did not see the same results. Traffic to that site is about double and very consistent, however.

Why should you do business with Absolute Webworks? Absolute Webworks is under the umbrella of Absoute Webworks, LLC. Absolute Webworks, LLC is a local Salem Oregon business consulting firm. We have many resources to help reduce your bottom line. Our firm may be able to help reduce your operating cost which equates to more money in your pocket. More importantly, we are an Internet marketing firm. We believe that this is the most cost effective way to market business for most businesses. And the best part is that a half hour consultation is absolutely free. So invest a half hour of your time and call today to see if Absolute Webworks can help your business be more profitable.