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What can I do to improve my business online?

The Internet is a relatively new marketing avenue, and many Salem, Oregon small business owners think that it is too complex or expensive to manage a professional web design. Regardless of what they think, there are several things that you can do to build a successful online marketing business.

Step One: Improve Your Web Design

For many people, your Web design is the first exposure that they will have of your business. With that in mind, think about what is the purpose of your Web site, what do you want it to do?

Do you just want to provide a general overview of your company? Or enable your customers to purchase products or services? Your Web site design and text should support your goals. Wholesale businesses should provide product and contact information. Retailers should provide their locations or allow direct sales through their sites.

If your business is located in Salem, Oregon and you are interested in improving your Web design contact us for a free Web design analysis. Our firm has 10 years of experience in all media advertising, TV, radio, print, direct, and Internet. We specialize in Web design.

Step Two: Get Discovered

Eighty percent of all Web site visits start with a search using one of the major search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing (formally MSN) are the most popular. Search engine optimization (SEO) starts with good web design. Professional web design can help make your site more discoverable-by the search engines and, subsequently, by potential customers. There are four basic factors that boost your site’s ranking in search engine results:

  • Relevant content in your site text
  • A simple and easy-to-navigate Web design
  • A large number of Web sites linking to your site
  • A Web design that supports page speed (fast loading)

Step Three: Get People to Visit Your Site

The basic methods to encourage people t visit your site are as follows:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)-Advertise next to search results with Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, or Yahoo! Search Marketing services.
  • Display advertising-Build graphical advertisements for your business and display them across many Web sites using an advertising network (e.g., MSN).
  • E-mail-Communicate regularly with current and potential customers and utilize one of the many low-cost e-mail marketing services providers.
  • Social Media-Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are three of the most popular social media websites. Use these sites to expose your business.

Step Four: Get People to Take Action

Decide what you want visitors to do on your site (e.g., completing a form, making a reservation, or purchasing a product), and then make it easy for people to do it. Focus on exclusive offers or promotions to motivate people to act.

Step Five: Measure, Test, and Repeat

Track which efforts are yielding the most leads or sales online and which are not paying off. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account and review reports on your Web site’s traffic, visitors, popular pages, and sales. Refine your ongoing Internet marketing efforts by investing more in activities that yield profitable new customers and less in those that cost you more than they produce in incremental profits.